Texas Fire Chiefs Association
Best Practices Recognition Program

Getting Started

1.  Before officially enrolling in the program please review the Administrative Guide as well as the Program Manual.  We strongly encourage those who plan to enroll review all the documents available so they may be fully informed of the responsibilities of both the candidate departments and the TFCA.

2.  Click here to officially enroll in the Best Practices Program.

Clicking on the link above will take you to a registration page where you will officially enlist in the program.  You should insert the primary contact in the contact form.  This will be the designee that you anticipate will handle the majority of the submissions for the program.

3.  Mark Your Calendar and make plans to attend the required training for the program.  There are 2 programs that must be completed.  The fire department chief MUST attend a "Chiefs Familiarization Training."

Additionally the Program Manager MUST attend the "Chiefs Familiarization Training" as well as the "Program Manager/Facilitator Training."  The Program Manager is t
he person designated by the Candidate Department’s Fire Chief to administer and oversee the Recognition program. This may be a sworn or non-sworn member of the department or may even be a community volunteer. In some departments the Program Manager may be the Fire Chief.   Look at the Training page for upcoming training opportunities.

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