Texas Fire Chiefs Association
Best Practices Recognition Program


The Texas Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) has developed a best practices program to encourage fire departments in Texas to seek continual improvement in their services to their local community. There are twelve chapters that define best practices in the typical service areas provided by a fire department. This program is applicable to paid, combination and volunteer fire organizations.

The TFCA encourages fire departments to pursue this third-party designation by completing the performance requirements outlined in the program.  This will be a challenging but worthwhile endeavor for organizations pursuing this designation.

The TFCA encourages fire departments to also pursue accreditation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. The TFCA Best Practices program will help facilitate progress toward national accreditation for those seeking this designation.

The TFCA worked closely with progressive fire officers throughout Texas to create a program that defines a pathway to organizational excellence that ultimately enhances firefighter safety, long-term planning, standard operating guidelines, deployment analysis, risk management, and other administrative functions. While most communities believe their local fire department is excellent, elected officials, city managers, fire chiefs and citizens have the opportunity to verify this belief by their fire department attaining this best practices designation. It is always preferred to have an independent third party determine if an organization functions at a defined level of excellence. 

The TFCA Best Practices program provides a pathway for a fire department to push its level of service to a level of excellence that is validated by independent experts. This designation will demonstrate to customers of these organizations that their fire department is among the very best in the Texas fire service.

12 Areas of Concentration

Administration and Organization - Emergency Medical Service

Training  - Special Operations - Records and Information Management

Fire Operations - Fire Prevention, Risk Reduction, Community Outreach

Response Analysis - Communications - Safety and Health

Resources Management - Professional Standards and Conduct

Recognition Program Annual Fees

Recognition program annual fees depend on the size of department as listed below:

Fire Fighters Fee Amount

    1-10 $  350.00

       11-25 $  500.00 

        26-50 $1,200.00                                     

       51-100 $1,600.00

      101-200 $2,000.00

   201 or more $2,400.00

For more information view this website or contact

Betty Wilkes, Executive Director, Texas Fire Chiefs Association

P.O. Box 66700, Austin, Texas  78766 or 512.294.7423 or bwilkes@texasfirechiefs.org

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